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White Desert package 1 night - 2 days
1 night White desert tour jeep safari
Cairo- Bahariya Oasis - White Desert -Cairo

Tour Highlights:  
Tour Departs: Daily
Pick up Time: 7 AM from guest's address in Cairo
Transport: Transfer Cairo-White Desert-Cairo by air-conditioned mini bus  - 4X4 jeep Toyota land cruiser
Accommodation: 1 Night desert camp
Meals: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner.
in the desert
3 bottles of water and 2 soft drinks per guest
Guides: Local English guide.
Tours: As mentioned in the program
Entrance Fees: Included

Click map for detailed route

White Desert tours
Our White Desert tour starts from Cairo with an early morning departure heading to Bahariya. After arriving in the oasis the expedition in the white desert begins. Throughout, you will be surrounded by splendid and unique nature! To end this unforgettable day, you will be camping in the White Desert, under a roof of stars!

Day 1- Cairo- Bahariya Oasis (350 Km)

  • Pick up from you location in Cairo (airport/ station / hotel).
  • Driver to Bahariya Oasis 350 kilometers (219 miles) ahead. Midway in the journey at 155 kilometers (97 miles) is a rest stop with a gas station and a cafeteria Twenty-two kilometers (14 miles) from the beginning of the road, the railway from Helwan joins the road and follows it all the way to reach Managim.(First Village of Bahariya oasis)
    .Beyond Managim, the main road continues to Bawiti. At 316 kilometers (197 miles) the terrain changes once again as small conical hills begin to emerge
  • Arrival in Bawiti, switch to 4WD.

  • We leave Bahariya behind in our way to a different world of Black and White. We approach Sahara Suda, the Black Desert, a favorite safari destination. The ground to the right and left of the road is covered with black stones. We climb a 15 meter Sand Dune by 4WD and stop to take pictures of these mixtures of colors. Then we see Al Marsous volcanic Hill.
  • 37 km we reach Al pan Hyaz (Haiz) small village that during the Roman era this area was very prosperous.
    Many of the current families were originally from Libya. We take our picnic lunch in a shaded place; also we will have the chance to get refreshment by swimming in one of the cold springs nearby.

  • We drive to the most famous of the formations is the Crystal Mountain, actually a large rock made entirely of quartz. It sits right beside the main road.
  • Bit by bit the yellow desert sands east of the road start to become pierced by chalky rock formations. s you get further into the 300-sq-km White Desert Protectorate, you’ll notice that the surreal shapes start to take on familiar forms: chickens, ostriches, camels, hawks and other uncanny shapes abound.

    Two flat-topped mountains known as the Twin Peaks, a key navigation point for travelers. A favorite destination: the view from the top of the surrounding symmetrical hills, all shaped like giant anthills, is spectacular. Kids will delight in coming up with shape associations, and photographers will fill up their memory cards trying to capture the brilliant hues of the setting sun reflecting off the inselbergs’ shiny surfaces. Waking up amongst them is one of the highlights of any camping trip into the desert
  • BBQ Dinner. Overnight in tent.
    Day 2 - White Desert - Bahariya Oasis - Cairo

  • Breakfast in White desert.
  • Back to Bahariya oasis and switch to minibus. Travel to your address in Cairo. End of services.

    No of guests
    From 1-5 to 30 -9

    From 1-10 to 30 - 4
    2 guests

    140 $ USD per person

    150 $ USD per person

    3 guests

    125 $ USD per person

    135 $ USD per person

    4 guests

    115 $ USD per person

    125 $  USD per person

    5 guests

    100 $ USD per person

    110 $ USD per person

    Price includes:

    • 01 night camping in the White desert on Full board basis.
    • Lunch during excursions in local restaurants.
    • English Speaking Tour Guide.
    • All above mentioned tours.
    • All admission fees of visited places.
    • All Safari materials necessary to the camping experience.
    • Water and Soft Drinks on the White desert.
    • All necessary clearances.
    • All taxes.
    • No hidden costs.

    Price excludes:

    • Tips, gratuities.


  • Prices more than 05 people will be advised on request
  • Groups larger than 10 people will have a special price
  • can spend night in hotel instead of camping with extra 25 $ per person


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    Information about White Desert tours
    The White Desert of Egypt        

    During the past few years, other places of interests have started attracting the attention of tourists and Egyptians alike.
    Egypt never fails to amaze its fans revealing more magic and treasures at every stage in time.  

    One of the most popular spots that have become more and more popular during the recent period is the White Desert of Egypt with all its marvels and wonders.   The white desert is located 150 kilometers away from the Bahariya Oasis, which in turn is located 365 kilometers to the South East of Cairo, the Egyptian capital.  

    The white desert located near latitude 27.06° North and longitude 27.97° East, has become a natural protect area in 2002 and has become one of the most popular touristic destinations in Egypt.
    Stretching for a surface area that is more than 3000 square kilometers, the white desert is definitely the most important highlight of the Egyptian Western Desert and the most visited by tourist and Egyptians.  

    Most of the tours organized to visit the white desert usually starts from the Bahariya Oasis as a beginning point. It would also a great chance to visit the attractions located near the Bahariya Oasis like the Temple of the Oracle, the valley of the golden mummies, the black desert, and the crystal mountain.  

    When the guest starts his trip going from the Bahariya Oasis in the direction of the White Desert, he will be dazzled to see the white snow like rocks starting to appear all of a sudden in all sorts of shapes starting from animal, mushrooms, and human like shapes and ending with totally bizarre figures that doesn't look like anything one has ever viewed.

    According to the local myth, this area marking the beginning of the White Desert was once the domain of legendary King Hinnis who was supposed has lived in this area for a period of time in the prehistoric era.  

    The rocks scattered all over the white desert is made out of white chalk that was the seabed of an ancient shallow sea that once covered all this vast area roughly one million years ago.  
    One can even until now observe some seashells and fossils of the creatures that once lived inside this ancient sea.   

    After the water of this ancient sea was becoming less and less with days and years passing by, a reddish yellow sandstones started to appear in the area and due to the weather conditions and heavy rainfalls these white bizarre rock shapes we see today were formed.
    When the guest continues with his journey in the White Desert, going towards the North direction he reaches the difficult passage. Al Aqabat, as the locals prefer to call it means the obstacles in the Arabic language. In the middle of this area, the twin peaks, the tallest rock formations in the area are located forming the most popular landmark for travelers in the white desert.  

    One of the most remarkable formations situated in the White desert is the hand of god. Yes! The finger of god appeared in the western desert of Egypt or at least this is what the locals say. This huge white rock formation that look exactly like a finger, rising from the ground is definitely something to be observed in the White Desert        If travelers prefer to explore the less visited section of the White desert, then they should go west passing by the Ain Della water spring and an old military check point.  The most important attraction in this area is the prehistoric ancient site of Um Ubbayad.









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