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The price is per person for the whole trip

White Desert Safari only

from   45 Euro

Cairo - White Desert  1 Night/2 Days - 2nights/3days
The richness and variety of Egyptian landscape is endless. At least if you ever decide to visit White Desert, Crystal Mountain, Black Desert, Akabat

Classic Package  

from   80 Euro

Cairo - Bahariya-White Desert  2 Nights/3 Days
Our classical tour starts from Cairo with an early morning departure heading to Bahariya.  Once arrived in the oasis and settled in our hotel, a local visit of the most interesting culture and historic sites is planned.  On the next morning the expedition in the desert begins.  All over the way you will be surrounded by the splendid and unique nature !  To end this unforgettable day, you will be camping in the White Desert, under a roof of stars ! 

Romance In the desert

from   93 Euro

Romance In the desert  3 nights/4 days
Spend quality time together, just the two of you, with our Romance Oasis Package. No matter where you stay, the Romance Package is the perfect way to set the mood for you and your loved one. The package includes Jeep Safari, Camel Safari, Culture and Hiking

Adventure Cairo

from   190 $

Cairo  - Bahariya - Farafra
 4 Nights/5 Days
Cairo, Bahariya ,farafra,White Desert ,Akabat ,Magic Spring ...

Alexander The great Tour

from   480 $

Cairo and Alexander Road
 8 Nights/9 Days

Alexander set out west along the coastal road to Peritoneum  in late January 331 bc. we are taking the same road and visiting Cairo, Alexandria ,Alamein, Marsa Matrouh, Siwa, Bahariya

Oasis Overland Tour

from   350 $

All Egyptian Oasis
6 Nights/7 Days
The Western Desert is another land of history and beauty . The desert with its oases abound in legends . Pharaohs , Kings , Warriors and explorers have all visited this remarkable of silent desert , fertile oases , and treasures We visit Cairo, Siwa, Bahariya, White Desert, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga


Pharos Oasis Road

from   220 Euro

Cairo-and all oasis
 4 Nights/5 Days
Our original offer consists in taking a different itinerary than the straight highway road. We pursue our journey by taking the exciting circuit that leads through all oases ! From Cairo - Bahariya - Farafra - Dakhla - Kharga - Luxor.

Wheals Valley Safari (Wadi el-Hitan)

from   420 $

Cairo Fayoum Bahariya White Desert
 7 Nights/8 Days
the Eocene 406 whale fossils preserved in the Faiyum Depression at Wadi Hitan (Whale Valley), an area recently designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: "The great expanse was then dotted with lush estuaries, home to Basilosaurus whales that gathered annually to give birth in the protection of a sea channel.

Beach and safari Desert + Beach program

from   360 $

Cairo tour - Oasis safari - Beach  7 Nights/8 Days
Cairo is our starting point for this All in one Tour.  Bahariya, will be our first target where the beauties of White Desert are waiting for us ! After having explored this fascinating environment we head to Ain Sokhna at the Red Sea and enjoy a well deserved relaxing break surrounded by the refreshing atmosphere.

Felucca Cruise Adventure

from   550 $

Oasis with Felucca Cruise
 13 Nights/14 Days
Feluccas are very basic traditional Nile sailboats and make for an extremely relaxing and enjoyable way to travel down the river. You sleep on the deck of the boat. you visit Cairo ,Bahariya ,Farafra ,Dakhla ,Kharga ,Luxor ,Aswan ...

King Tut Expedition Adventure

from   770 $

Oasis Tour-Luxor-Aswan
 13 nights/14 Days
Cairo ,Siwa ,Bahariya ,Farafra ,Dakhla ,Kharga ,Luxor ,Aswan

Oasis Egypt Trekking

Western Desert Trekking
 9 nights/10 Days
The main  here is trekking into the Black and White sections of the Western Desert for overnight camps. It certainly beats the old way of bumping around in the heat on a camel. We visit White desert ,Akabat ,Crystal Mountain ,Great Sand Sea ...

El Gilf El Kebir Adventure

Western desert expedition

Egypt's Western Desert is full of wondrous natural phenomenon and surprises. Sometimes one wanders over a ridge or through a pass and discovers alien worlds, such as in the White Desert. Less known perhaps, but growing in popularity is the ancient plateau known as Gilf Kebir

Western Desert Oasis Camel safari

All oasis Camel safari  3 Days,7 days,10 days,14 days
Yes! A ship, except that this time the ship is an animal, Camel popularly known as the ship of the desert. Camel Safari's are such animal rides that need both skill and imagination to explore the mirages of desert. Minamar hotel offer camel safari from 3 days to 14 days in the western desert

Desert safari in Sinai

Desert Safari in Sinai

7 nights/8 days
 Sarabit el Khadem , St. Catherine, Wadi Arada safari camp,  Wadi Ghazala,  El Mangarouf safari camp and all Sinai Safari Egypt, Sinai Safari in Egypt, Sinai Safari of Egypt, Egypt Sinai Safari, Egypt Sinai Safari Tours, Sinai Safari Tours in Egypt, Sinai Safari Tours of Egypt


Important Notes
*The Hotel arrange the safari and have the safari equipments
*All our tour provided is private (not sharing other guests)
*The prices shown is per person for the whole trip
*the prices including service charge and taxes
*We only use vehicles 4x4 that have separate seats facing the driver direction for the guest comfort



Camel Safari

Yes! except that this time the ship is an animal, Camel popularly known as the ship of the desert. Camel Safari's are such animal rides that need both skill and imagination to explore the desert More



Safari in Sinai

Safari in Egypt

Minamar offers safari in Sinai 7 nights 8 days start from 320 US Dollars per person   More



Gilf Al keeper Western Desert Expedition

The Western Desert of Egypt is far more than sand dunes. as Gilf Kebir which alone is nearly the size of Switzerland safari from 14 days to 19 days  More