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El Gouna EGYPT :

El Gouna In Egypt
The city is the natural result of the creative diversity of a local community of entrepreneurs, artists, and environmentalists who made of El Gouna their home. Offering wonderful accommodation, from intimate guest houses to deluxe five-star hotels, you are sure to feel at home. Modern arabesque architecture and unique interior design transport you to another time and space. Meanwhile, the various activities and entertainment options, world-class cuisines and exciting nightlife, make El Gouna the Red Sea's premier leisure destination.

Whether you decide to stay in the Downtown or the Marina areas, you will easily access the numerous amenities El Gouna has to offer; great shopping, health treatments, an unbelievable selection of restaurants, clubs, pubs, fabulous sailboats, immaculate beaches and unihabited islands.

El Gouna is a complete holiday destination offering all the services required for a hassle-free vacation. A state-of-the-art hospital provides comprehensive care including the most advanced Hyperbaric Chamber for diving emergencies. Our private airport for charter planes and the Hurghada International airport, just 20 km away, provide easy access from Cairo and abroad. Full service banks, travel agencies, car and recreational vehicle rental, boat charter, taxi and shuttle buses are all waiting to serve you.


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