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Treza- thought you might like to get some feedback @ our recent trip to the western desert with Minamar:

- Our Guide "Mido" was terrific! Very personable, professional, patient, and knowledgeable - loved him!

- Our cook Islam was great too!

- Our desert driver was a little nuts driving in town, but very friendly and didn't tip us over in the desert!

- The hotels were all very good (except some of the pillows are hard as bricks, like everywhere else we stayed)

(We appreciated the changeover from the El Gnoom to the Bedouin Village Oasis - what a great place!)

- The desert camping was fabulous!

(A couple of suggestions: more padding under the sleeping bags, better sleeping bags (mine had a broken zipper, so very difficult to open & close), and my friend's blanket smelled really bad!)

- It might be a good idea to let women know that the hot springs are completely exposed (no privacy) so to be prepared for that (I wasn't)

- The itinerary was excellent, and Mido was very accommodating: when one site was closed, to offer another to see instead.

- We only wish he could have been our guide in Luxor too!!

- We would recommend Minamar to anyone interested in traveling thru the Western Desert Oases. Please feel free to use these comments on your website.

Sincerely, Anna & Manjit

Dear Treza,


I want to thank you so very much for arranging my visit to Egypt.

Thanks to you, this holiday was one of the most memorable trips of my life. Egyptian hospitality must be the best in the entire world! If reincarnation could be real, I feel as if perhaps in a former life, I must have been lucky enough to have been Egyptian.

Please thank Mr. Hendy Taha for the lovely pastries and tell him that I have shared them with my fellow teachers who are very interested in travelling to Cairo next year. I hope they will take advantage of Minamar's excellent services and enjoy the same kind of fantastic holiday that I was so fortunate to have.

Many thanks again to everyone with Minamar who helped to make my trip so wonderful!


Felicie Dillard


Hi Hendy


can not tell you what an amazing time we had. The hospitality of the staff at your company is amazing. Mostafa our guide had more energy than any of us and put out so much information... he was unbelievable. Somehow we were able to add in even more tours and events which she happily assisted us in.

All accommodations were far more than expected we were treated incredibly well. I was surprised to be remembered by several your staff and even several crew members of the cruise ship.. All of the transportation, transfers and tours were flawless. I was treated to some VERY nice upgrades allowing for some great in room cocktail parties for our group.

I believe that now that I have some references I can and will look forward to putting together another group. I will send a request for dates and itinerary soon and see what we can do. I will soon send you an evaluation of our tour with any suggestions from my group to assist you in continuing to provide an incredible vacation.
Kimberly Yeager

oasis tour from 25/02/07 to 3/03/07



Dear minamar hotel,

I travelled with you in White desert and it was wonderful trip.

I was in the jeep and the driver was Mohamed. This driver is wonderful, he always was nice and he's really good cooker. Thanks a lot.


Ken Tsai

Hello Hendy.
My wife and I came home 2 days ago. We enjoyed our time in Egypt very much, especially the White Desert. We are very grateful for your dependable and reliable services that offered us a great deal of freedom and flexibility for our touring. You run a great business, with fair pricing and no hidden costs. Thank you also for being so responsible.

We have told all of our friends and family about you and your staff. Some of them will be coming to Egypt next year and they will contact you for their travel arrangement. Also, the owner (Nabil) of Hotel Osiris in Cairo said he will be referring his guests to you for the White Desert and other travel arrangements because he saw how happy and satsfied we were dealing with you.

Thank you again.
Ken & Rose


Dear Hendy, December 2006
 Luc, Sabine, Gilles and Yannick BELGIUM
Finally our internet is fixed, so that we can inform you about our trip in the white desert.
We all enjoyed the trip very much. Also the kids had a lot of fun. Everyday in the jeep Yannick slept in the arms of Abdalla. Gilles was amazed how Sucri could find his way through the sand.
Everything was well arranged and booked.
We will recommend you. Maybe we'll come back to see Siwa oases.
Thank you very much!
Luc, Sabine, Gilles and Yannick BELGIUM

November 25, 2006

Penny Heggie Canada


I would like to thank you again for the wonderful experience I had while traveling in the Oasis. Egypt is a fantastic country. Every area unique.

I have brought home many memorable memories which I have shared with many people since returning.

I appreciate the work you did and the attention you gave towards my travel needs. The guide Mostafa was a very energetic person and Osam a very competent driver I would not have wanted it any other way.



Joanne, Cathy, Kylie and Mick USA

Hi whomever I'm writing this to. I just want to say that we have just spent 4 fabulous nights in the desert as part of a desert tour with Hassam as tour leader. Out drivers Salah (wolf), Trevor (cheeky) and Frank were the best and Cookie managed to surprise us every night. The only thing that would have improved the tour would have been if we had been able to stay longer. Hope you forward this message onto the crew who came with us.
Cheers from,
Joanne, Cathy, Kylie and Mick


Hello Mohamed,

Farzana USA

I hope this email finds you well. If you recall, you were our guide during the desert safari on 17 to 19 September 2006. We camped out in the desert with a Brazilian couple.

As promised, here are some pictures of you which I took. I hope you like them.

Lastly, Khaled and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time you gave us when in the desert. It was truly a unique experience, something that we will remember for a long time to come. You are indeed a talented guide!

Warm regards,

Farzana & Khaled


Comment on tour provided for Anna and Chris Sullivan

15/01/06 -23-06-06    New Zealand

Tour : Cairo/Siwa/Bahariya/White Desert/Farafra/Dakhla/kharga/Luxor

pick up service well organized at bus station

previous e mail conversation were prompt, clear and informative


Itinerary as requested

Mustafa (tour guide) knowledgeable about subject matter in all locations

Sufficient time at all sites but a slightly slower peace at Egyptian Museum would have been good. Pleasing that the various shops (papyrus, perfumes etc) were not pushed.I find this very off putting so was pleased Mustafa respected this. Hotel New Windsor fine.

Siwa Kharga Desert safari

Excellent Organization at all stages. Hotels Siwa inn, Minamar hotel, Hamadalla new camp (resort) of good standard through out-Mobarez not so great but others had good services and room quality.

Our driver was very good ,safe, skilled ,prompt and good cook.

It was great that we make an unplanned stop at the commonweth war cemetery in Alamein .We thank him and the company for a thoroughly memorable and enjoyable trip

Anna and Chris Sullivan 23/01/06



Jacqueline & Jean Pierre Castagnet.11 November 2005 France

Dear friend, we are sorry to be so late to give some news from us, and to thank you for the very nice welcome we had in your hotel. We have very much enjoyed our trip around Egypt, we have seen so wonderful archeological sites, but our heart bends for the deserts and the oasis, and your kindness too. Thank you, Mohamed, for your welcome; you and all our staff too. We remember the drinks and the cakes before leaving the oasis, the had a nice road to Cairo. Now, we are fighting against snow...We send you some photos taken in Egypt and some others from France where we live now. We hope so much to come aging to the oasis and visit you. Of course, if you need something, you can ask for. It would be a real pleasure for us.We hope you have good days now and maybe , we have some news, too? With all our best friendship, Jacqueline & Jean Pierre Castagnet.







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