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Muzawaka Tombs

For many visitors to Dakhla, Al-Qasr is the most memorable part. With an old town with many streets in excellent condition, it offers the best illustration of the oasis' past.
Although modern "progress" has been gentle on Al-Qasr, the old quarters are almost completely abandoned. It is really sad, old Al-Qasr is beautiful and offers smart protection against summer heat, while the modern houses needs electric air-conditioning to stay pleasant.


Al-Qasr, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt





Al-Qasr, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt


Girls crossing the salt lake in front of the new town.


The Tourism Well about 5 km out in the desert is a nice attraction for many, where it is popular to spend the night.

Muzawaka Tombs


The mountain containing the Muzawaka Tombs, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt


The table-top mountain must have been interpreted to be an effective connection to the afterlife. Tombs are dug out all the way around it.


Tombs at Muzawaka, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt



The Tomb of Sadosiris has colourful wall-paintings. It is unfortunately closed for visitors.


The Muzawaka Tombs refer mainly to the nicely decorated tombs of Petosiris and Sadosiris, which were discovered by Fakhry in 1972. They date back to Roman times, as do many of the other tombs around this table-top mountain.
The two nice tombs have been closed for years. Too much fresh air and the humid breath from visitors put the wall decorations in jeopardy. And the restoration has proved to be very difficult, so nobody know if and when they will reopen.
Local guards will still try to make your visit worthwhile, by showing you all the graves with embalmed corpses! The "highlight" is a young girl with genitals pointing directly at you when you look Muzawaka Tombs might therefore not a good option for all visitors.



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