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Bahariya Oasis Egypt

Minamar Hotel and safari expedition in Cairo  Offer All Egypt Oasis Travel & Oasis Tour Packages, Booking Oasis Egypt Hotels, All Egypt Tours, Egypt Holidays And All Egypt Travel Services. Stay on the A lake that is created from the natural springs  info@minamar.com

Romance In the desert complete package

Cairo, Bahariya, white desert


Spend quality time together, just the two of you, with our Romance Oasis Package. No matter where you stay, the Romance Package is the perfect way to set the mood for you and your loved one. The package includes  Jeep Safari, Camel Safari, Culture and Hiking



Classic Package


Cairo, White Desert, Cairo


Our classical tour starts from Cairo with an early morning departure heading to Bahariya.  Once arrived in the oasis and settled in our hotel, a local visit of the most interesting culture and historic sites is planned.  On the next morning the expedition in the desert begins.  All over the way you will be surrounded by the splendid and unique nature !  To end this unforgettable day, you will be camping in the White Desert, under a roof of stars ! 


White Desert Only

Cairo, White Desert, Cairo


The richness and variety of Egyptian landscape is endless. At least if you ever decide to visit the White Desert, that's the message you'll get. It is a vast stretch of land in the Western Desert that borders Bahariya Oasis to the north and Al-Farafra to the south


Pharos Oasis Road

Cairo, Bahariya, white desert, farafra, dakhla, kharga, Luxor                                4night/5days  

Our original offer consists in taking a different itinerary than the straight highway road. We pursue our journey by taking the exciting circuit that leads through all oases ! From Cairo - Bahariya - Farafra - Dakhla - Kharga - Luxor.


Over land Safari Tours & Jeep Safari
Egyptian Oasis tours  
Make the best out of your Western Desert holiday with us. Leave the worries about your trip's itinerary to us. Minamar Hotel organize all kind of desert trips and Sahara expedition in the western desert Oases in  Egypt....in Fayoum, Siwa Oasis, Farafra Oasis, Dakhla oasis, Kharga Oasis. Marsa Matrouh, Alexandria
Camel Safari Programs  
western desert  
Yes! A ship, except that this time the ship is an animal, Camel popularly known as the ship of the desert. Camel Safari's are such animal rides that need both skill and imagination to explore the mirages of desert. Minamar hotel offer camel safari from 3 days to 14 days in the western desert

 Alexander the great


Western Desert Expedition

 12/ 22days

Alexander set out west along the coastal road to Peritoneum in late January 331 bc. we are taking the same road and visiting Cairo, Alexandria ,Alamein, Marsa Matrouh, Siwa, Bahariya. From Cairo we travel to the oasis towns and ending the tour in Luxor or aswan



Siwa, Dakhla, Kharga, Fayoum, Marsa Matrouh

Siwa appears at first as a sweet and innocent place deep in the desert which has just opened its eyes to the modern world and still let's itself be amazed. Which is not wrong, the asphalted road opened first in 1984.